Monday, September 24, 2012

Art...Loving/Living Life

What is art?

The sensory experience. What is life for most people? Busy, loaded, dull, empty, meaningful, pointless, secret, awesome, painful, weird, stressful, boring, irritating with highlights of high expectation weekends and the covetted holiday break. Yet life is so beautiful, so amazing, living in the now, life is full and it is great. I took a switchpoint in life, seeking the city Zion, on this journey I have found the Spirit of Zion. I have seen and heard it in others.

I do not know if this will explain it to anyone, other than those who have experienced it. Also, as I read it over, I see things that I don't really know and haven't experienced on any level, yet they came to me and I put them in writing.

What is scripture...what is the gospel...what is that legendary beings have shared...Art.
If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once a week; for perhaps the parts of my brain now atrophied would thus have been kept active through use. The loss of these tastes is a loss of happiness. -Charles Darwin
When you hear an amazing singer and you get the that your body grabbing it, in excitement? Probably. The same as when you are cold, being covered in a warm blanket. It feels sooo good. Even when you are warm and feel a cool breeze. That chill is similar if not the same. Why does music do the same as the weather and temperature? That beauty, we hunger for. Our bodies are starved. I mocked the monks and yogis who starved and tortured themselves, thinking they were so ignorant and foolish. Yet I and all of us do the same thing on a different level.

I remember as a child and seeing my own children at the beach. In the Pacific Northwest, the beaches are in my opinion, the most beautiful on earth. The water is frigid. Adults are scared of it. Children love it. They splash around and will play all day in the water, exploring the tide pools and loving/living life. A friend once explained that adults priorities are different. They are concerned with survival/comfort, while children are concerned with enjoying the moment and playing. How true that is. Man, Jesus couldn't have said it any better when he showed us the be as little children. That is what he speaks of. Not some idea of obedience. It's living life...loving life. Do our lives have life if art is dead to us?

Darwin, who was able to see what few could see, saw this. 

What is Art? Art is when we experience something sensually. Think about it. When you see a painting, when you hear a song, when you feel the rhythm and dance, when you smell a delicious meal, when you taste the beautiful art that is the person you love. Art is an experience on the sensorial level. If we don't, it is dead to us. That is why the scriptures for many only occur as a result of goals as Zomarah mentioned rather than passion. For example, without ART, words on paper or computer screens, are just that...words. Which are symbols, not the actual thing they represent. When we experience the art, we go through words to what they symbolize, we experience them as one would a song or painting or a meal...something on a different level.

For example, what is GOD? God is not much. It is a three letter word. That is it. Is Jesus Christ GOD? No, he is a mask we have put on God. We have to go past the mask, which is the legends and stories of a Carpenter's son. We have to experience who that being is. Such an experience is art. There is beauty beyond the black and white text. In the 4th chapter of the Epistle of John, he speaks of love. Why? Because he wants us to have a spiritual, metaphysical experience. He wants us to go inside ourselves, re-experience love that we know and then connect with God through love. Art.

Martial arts. The spiritual seeking, lead to the physical side. Which in a way, can be a manifestation of the spiritual side and when coupled with physical, amazing things happen. The first becomes the last and the last becomes the first. Most martial arts schools and instructors, do so for money. What is the purpose for students? To learn respect, get into shape, build self confidence, kick someone's ass, etc. Self discipline, which can be a natural result, not an effort, but a way of living, an aspect as a result rather than the goal or purpose. Look at the way it has been polluted, diluted now. How did that start/change/go? A thorough examination is for you. I want to share that it can be different. There was a time when I thought that focusing on the body was wrong. How foolish? That comes from a perspective that doesn't understand this experience on earth. The body is amazing and so much can be experienced. Martial arts can be both spiritual and physical. So much can. Look at the name...martial arts. Martial:inclined or disposed to war; warlike, which this whole term is a western term of an eastern philosophy (though it is abused there for war as well). It has been used for war, yet the art still can be experienced.

Becoming alive in Christ. That is what can happen. It is beautiful. Living the art around us, that is us.

Reconciliation? Just as in the works of my people, (aka, those I'm associated with via culture, work, heritage, Facebook, etc.) are dead works, the same is the case for most other peoples.

The native Americans have only a hollow shell of their works. Not that the works of the ancestors were perfect. I do not look back and wish for the good old days. Looking at the now, the works of people are mainly dead. They feed the ego and the body and starve the spirit. Even though what they feed the body is obviously corrupt and poison. The same goes for the little spiritual nutrition we consume.

We have become sick. Most don't really know it because everyone else is sick. Like the Siddhartha, where he didn't realize the world, because his environment was skewed so as to not see anyone old or sick. When he went outside the palace, his world changed. It reminds me of a song Sacar la Voz, by Ana Tijoux. One of her lines

Liberarse de todo el pudor, tomar de las riendas no rendirse al opresor
Caminar erguido sin temor, respirar y sacar la voz 
En un cordel a colgar la copla que el viento mece
Que pocas veces merece, cada pena suelta voz, cada toz
Pensando en sacar la voz

Uno respira--va adentro...donde estás TÚ. Búscate, encúentrate, hállate.
Y sacar la voz---záfate de lo que está dentro de ti.
Cada pena---el dolor y la pena que nos hacemos, que nos hace la "vida/mundo" nos causa soltar la voz. Es lo que me pasú a mi. Lo que dice Max Skousen en cuanto a la religion...o sea, cualquiera institucion.

An annual even in Seattle, a Pow-Wow, that my family went to in my youth, had an event planned for this year. But a short time before the event, it was cancelled. It was very disappointing. I was excited to take my wife and children to their first such event. I read online, that the event was cancelled due to lack of money. The spiritual/physical manifestation and celebrations are now dependent on money? One of the commenters online, said that money isn't necessary. People should just show up and share, bond and celebrate. Money is not necessary. There are those who understand Zion.

When we have Zion in our heart, Zion will then become a physical manifestation. Both are important. The Gemini. Once the zion heart happens, reconciliation will be in our heart, reconciliation then will become a physical manifestation.

So much is now sold. It shows the lack of understanding of what is. If they sell it, they believe it has a set value that is defined. Also, it shows that it can be possessed. It is a commodity.

When people start to experience Art in their lives, in their culture...then things change. Art has no price.

Neil Gaiman, in a college commencement, said something great about this. The whole speech is amazing, but for the part about money, jump to....5:39
Make Good Art

sidenote I do realize how he is dressing. Where he is at. A major stumbling block for so many, is descrediting and dismissing truth for petty reasons. Do you believe Neil sees his attire the same as you? Probably not. Though he does mention that he never saw himself going to college, let alone giving a speech at one...he does mention that he sees value in what his friends have learned in college. I have too. As a whole, I think it is off. The premise of the system is off. But there are beautiful people on campus who have taught things that opened my eyes. Even the Carpenter's Son spent time in the synagogues.

Experience Art. 

Reconcile the whole.


  1. Your point about children living in the moment reminded me of the film The Tree of Life. The big shocker, the scandal that is hidden deep in the scriptures, is that God is ultimately playful.

    Art is a kind of esoteric truth. It is often meant to challenge us, which is why Latter-day Saints have such poor art sensibility. They don't want their illusion of certainty shattered.

    "Nothing I ever did for money was worth it." Those words ring true for me as well.

  2. "The big shocker, the scandal that is hidden deep in the scriptures, is that God is ultimately playful."
    I think this is spot on. Some of my very favorite memories from the mission, was when I was playing baseball with a bunch of local kids in the street or jumping in a game of dodge-ball and just letting loose.

    As far as art being esoteric, that makes sense. Look at the robotic way BYU tried to compartmentalize and show fit things to some script.

  3. I recall coming back from New York to my apartment in Provo by bus. It was of course a long trip. When we got to Wyoming I knew we were close to Utah but I was wondering how I would know once we were actually in Utah. I had this feeling like we were already but no outward literal 'sign' to confirm this premonition. And as soon as I had the thought immediately proceeding the feeling of wondering how I could 'know' if my feelings were correct. I looked and saw an advertisement on a billboard. There was no official marker outside my window along the highway in that moment. There was no address or any other specific information on this billboard advertisement that would indicate that we were in or even in close proximity to Utah. I can not remember exactly what it was advertising. But I remember it was CHEESY AS HELL! And I that moment I KNEW I was in Utah. The spirit indeed teaches us through art. Even bad art.

    heART-heARTh-eARTh ...this much we do know...that such is the nature of Zion and the course which will 'take us to Zion' or rather 'take Zion to everywhere we go.'

    ART is everywhere...but if we miss it then we can truly say that we know nothing and we will not know a thing till we become artists...creators...put the art that we were all familiar with as young children back into it and be firm in that knowledge.

  4. I was recently very deeply pondering what it means to humble one's self as a little child. As I prayed for understanding I was shown a little child eagerly anticipating a promised gift with hands outstretched toward her parent. There was no thought of whether or not she deserved it or had earned it. There was no doubt as to whether or not the promised gift would be given. This is how God wants us to be! Excited for what he wants to give us! Reaching out, nothing doubting. When mom yells, "come get a piece of candy!" The kids come running!

    I also have to concur with how beautiful the Pacific Northwest beaches are. Our family vacationed there last month and I smiled as I read that part because it's so true! It was freezing yet all the kids(8 total) from age 6-16 were in the water. Some in bikinis and trunks, while mom and dad watched from afar shaking our heads at the insanity-Lol. Every single beach we went to was fully explored regardless of the temperature. The first beach we hit my niece immediately stripped and started running toward the water so I yelled, "Are you crazy? It's too cold!" She turned around and yelled back, "There is no WAY I'm going home without having swam in the ocean!" I regret not jumping in myself now.

  5. Hey Liv, this summer my boys 4&5 yrs were able to swim in the ocean and so i finally manned up went pier jumping into jellyfish, dogshark, freezing water with them. It was awesome. It wasnt even cold, just fresh. What beaches did you visit? I'm from Seattle but recently moved to Kentucky.

  6. When I said I regret not jumping in I kinda meant walking slowly in;) Pier jumping in that water would be too much for me, I'm just not that child-like yet I guess. But good for you! We stayed in Bandon Oregon and visited tons of beaches from Coos bay down to Crescent City. Such amazingly beautiful landscape. If I could live anywhere that area would be high on the list for sure.