Sunday, November 25, 2012

Leprosy, Society & The Weekend

We are all like the lepers with visible wounds/signs of our sickness. Our beings are falling apart just like the bodies of lepers.

We try to fill the wounds of our souls with junk. The food we eat is a perfect symbol.

Hopefully some will have awakened to these during the past few days. These are the holidays that really bare witness of our physical sickness and spiritual sickness, which gets proven again in a few more weeks come Christmas time.

We attach things (clothes, make-up, etc) to ourselves, in the false order rather than attaching to each other. All the consumerism is about falsehood. To temporally fool ourselves. But like the body rejecting a false organ, the spirit does so too. It rejects and then we go for more and more. Until our spirits are like the bodies of drug addicts. We fill our bodies with empty foods even though our bodies crave nourishment and movement. We fill our spiritual stomaches with similarly empty things and we end up with spiritual diarrhea. The Oneness...the connections between us go on unsatisfied and we cover those irritated bowels with more veils to cover the sounds of the rumblings and we deafen the senses so the spirit and body don't let us go insane with the struggle.

We already have veils over us and many continually put more veils over themselves in similarity to bandages on wounds. Those wounds need to be exposed! They need to breath as the saying goes.

Look at the examples of those the Carpenter's Son helped. They represent us. The lepers who fell apart (as we fall apart from each other!) and the whores who sold their bodies and spirits for that which has no value. For that which doesn't last. I think reincarnation is pretty on the spot with what it is teaching us. If you don't understand this life as it is, a part of eternity and do not seek that which is eternal, then you will get a mulligan or a redo and given another chance because you only lived in the temporary. You keep living in the temporary and you get a temporal life and you keep going until you get it. Yet the biggest "secret" is right under our noses, which is that it is about living in the moment, realizing each moment is eternal.

The weekend! There is a popular union (a false forced/coerced union/connection) sticker that says, "from the people that brought you the weekend." The people who brought us the weekend. The people who brought us the weekend. The people who brought us the weekend. The religions that brought us the sabbath day. We are living in the 7th day as the Bible symbolically tells, then all days are part of the day of rest. Yet here we go again tearing things apart and separating that which truly is ONE. If there was no weekend, what would happen? People would revolt. They would go insane! They wouldn't tolerate rarely being with their families. Life would be about your job and that would be basically it for almost everyone (even though we are nearly there now). People wouldn't take it and they would fight back. But people have the weekend to let out their pent up energies and frustrations. They get almost to the tipping point and then they let it all out and comeback slumbering to work a few days later. We truly live in a leprous society. Our bodies are falling apart.

My brother shared this in the Reconciliation Movement page:

“The aging process is accelerated through DNA processing. Aging accelerates the moment the brain reaches 21 years and refuses to accept the importance of the childhood level. You’re not getting any older - you’re just GAINING MOMENTUM. There’s no time, only momentum. Yesterday and tomorrow are right here. Above all, my dear brothers and sisters, don’t practice suicide.”
[It may seem strange to think we might all be practicing suicide, however if we are living with the thought of eventually dying, then we are just doing this in a very slow way. We are ‘taking our life’ by all the limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings we have every moment. When one is truly LIVING TO LIVE they have left the thought and feeling of death behind. As long as ‘death’ is there as your reality, you are Living to Die and walking among the Living Dead. I do not write this out of judgement, I write this out of personal experience. My experience is that I am in the process of overcoming this ‘death urge’ in order to truly live forever. It is a process of cleaning up our acts, moment to moment

If we don't reconcile with our selves...stand in the mirror with ourselves. This doesn't come by goals. That is something that took me a while to come around to. It never can. Zion can never be established by a goal. The Zion within you nor the city are achieved by the Babylonian system. True change comes from a hunger within that cannot be explained or described to the unexperienced.

Don't be afraid to follow your desires, to let your hungry stomach growl and rumble. Then feed it.

People speak of the 2012 Mayan prophecy as something big. Maybe...maybe not. I do like the interpretation that it is about a new revelation, a new era. The old era dies as the new era sprouts and blooms. I think this is happening. Looking at the collapse of society (which is obvious to everyone except society...does anyone except a few really see their destruction coming the next morning as they go to bed?), there really is only hope in Zion. I have seen this hope in those that are connecting. This isn't anything particularly special about one being or people. It is within all of us and all things. All things are one. It is happening all over. People talk about Christ Coming! Well, it truly is Christ is come. Think about and understand who Christ is. It changes everything.


  1. What non-tribally structured utopians do not grasp is the firmness of the grip that spirit holds on flesh and the irresistible draw that the flesh holds for the spirit. Upon death, the disembodied spirit becomes very clear in his understanding of this fact as he can clearly see how the flesh is unable to wield any influence independently of the spirit. When we love our bodies right, we do indeed become one with them but if we aint’ lovin’ ’em right, then we will feel unable to resist the evil urge to break that eternal law of our Mother Matter who says – “Love Me Or Leave Me.”

    It is a love affair between the only two people who really exist in the Universe...Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. What your brother Bart is talking about is maintenance of that intimate connection to avoid the nasty falling out and falling apart that you describe as real, spiritual leprosy.

    The WEEKEND is indeed designed to keep us WEAKENED, goals are for people who do not believe in themselves and who blindly carry out the plans of others not for those who truly are creators. And Christ truly is here....but you know its all crazy talk to the world.

  2. I guess the comments (from the brother of the OPer) about death don't ring true to me--

    Avoiding death? I've seen too much death; I've lost too many loved ones. I've lost children, parents, siblings--

    So, why is death the enemy? Well, yes, it is, but Jesus Christ overcame death. And death is inevitable. There are some who yearn to be part of Jesus' Kingdom, who won't experience death as it is presently being experienced, but how can something so natural be an enemy?

    I'm assuming these are random ideas--

    kind of laced together. That's fine; I just wonder if I am reading correctly.


    Not sure what to say about that--

    I do accept the fact that most of the people in the world are enslaved, are in bondage, and not just people in third world countries--

    1. I probably didn't explain the perspective on death fully. Rather than avoid death, it is understanding death and letting it have its place. I wouldn't call death the enemy. I'd call it people getting what they focus on.

      People mainly focus on death and not life. Look at how people pray. They pray for protection and safety. They don't want death. It haunts them determines how they'll live. People generally don't consistently pray to live in the full sense. They pray to live as an avoidance of death. Probably because those who truly live, don't pray in the typical manner, rather they live according to the true order of prayer.

  3. I think what we term "spirituality" is nothing more than our primal yearning to return to a state of oneness with each other. We all came out of the Earth. We are her eyes and ears, the leaves of a tree, the most sensitive and receptive to light (if the Earth is our "mother", then the Sun is undoubtedly our "father"). The point is, we are hers--an extension of herself. That is the truly natural state, i.e., togetherness. However, being one, as you said, means exposing wounds. Additionally, it sets you up for further cuts and scrapes. And that is the hardest part of life. To be sensitive--to see and to listen--to God, the Earth, One another--means to be vulnerable. Instead of letting those wounds "breath" and heal, we cover them up, try to ignore the pain and beat our selves into submission--which, for the record, goes against how the Priesthood ought to be practiced. Ultimately, it's a game we can't win. We fall ill to leprosy as our spirits utterly come apart.

    I believe in reincarnation as well. I don't see how it can possibly be excised from the Plan of Salvation. None of it makes sense without reincarnation. That said, I don't think it has anything to do with "getting it right". The point is, God wants us to be like him. For those willing to be his sons and daughters, he will be our father. That is the essence of the covenant we make. What we fail to realize, however, is that he is trying to perfect his kingdom--the entire Earth. He's "evolving" us into Gods. This is our Celestial Inheritance. It is here that we will learn to overcome physical and spiritual death and resurrect the dead. I have a strong testimony of the Theory of Evolution. If we do not attain "heaven on Earth" we will not attain heaven at all.

    I agree with living in the moment--without fear, without waiting around for the future. The moment one plugs into Christ, and is cured of his shortsightedness, mortal life becomes life eternal.

    I agree with what you said about goals. One does not usually find Christ because he or she sets a goal. Rather, it is usually the consequence of a broken heart and a contrite spirit. That's why I always say repentance is the process of "giving up". It's the realization that your struggles, your quarrels, your vain ambitions are getting you nowhere. Finally, you embrace good for good's sake, always seeking the good, eternally.

  4. " can something so natural be an enemy?"

    Death is hardly natural. Scientists are still trying to figure out why things die. It's a real mystery. The best theory is that genetic mutations that aid in reproductive fitness become irrelevant once your offspring are old enough to survive independently of you. So even if you want to argue that death is natural, you still cannot argue that it is needful.

    It is true that, for most of us, our lives are so defined by death that we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves without it. However, these are telestially-minded men and women who can't comprehend a life beyond merely surviving. Whether through Christ or technology or both, immortality represents the next great evolutionary leap for humanity.

    I want to live forever not so much because I fear death, but because "eternal life" means infinitely more love, infinitely more wisdom, and infinitely more 'goodness'--'More Good' as JS would say.

    1. Arkwelder, that really is a great idea: "It is true that, for most of us, our lives are so defined by death that we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves without it." What would people do with their lives? There's no way they would imagine working like they do for 20,000 years. People basically are living their lives like we run a mile in gym class. They only attempt it because they plan out the future run step by step so it doesn't overwhelm them. You start out at a pace that you think you'll start out to look good. Then slow down a little but maintain a good jog until you are sure you are going to hit your goal time. Once that is sure, then you can relax and just finish.

      That's how people look at life. Could you imagine people being set up to run a 20,000 mile run? People would quit before they start.