Wednesday, December 19, 2012


There is an idea known as the Adams Equity Theory. It’s a device of man to keep IMPloyees “satisfied” with their servitude to the Devil. But since Truth is: All that is, then we can find some great truths within the framework of this Babylonian struck-sure. We want and need to examine these truths from an eternal perspective.

If we look in the dictionary we will see that INEQUITY and INIQUITY are actually the same exact word at their root. Wisdom shows us that the opposite of love is not what we call hate, but rather FEAR. If GOD is LOVE and His Plan, love-based and love-infused, then we know that FEAR as the “opposite” of love is actually just love in dangerously low amounts. It is opposite to Love but on the exact same spectrum. It is vital to remember that what we call “opposites” are not opposed to each other in the way we suppose. Rather, opposites are always special relationships. Two things so intimately related that they are not two thing but only two halves of ONE WHOLE. Male, Female, Right, Left etc. And this relationship of opposites is so intimate in fact that ironically if one desires to learn anything about one side he/she must do so from and through the other side and visa versa. One way to demonstrate the accuracy of the ancient saying and commandment “Hear Oh Israel, The Lord Your GOD IS ONE” is by observing the connection between Light and Dark. You can not shine darkness into light. But neither does light serve any real or good purpose without darkness to contrast it.  Like dark, fear is not the Positive or Active principle of the universe. Remember Father Lehi speaks of two categories to help us make sense of the Universe and those are “things to act” and “things to be acted upon”. But let us remember that ALL is ONE. If not GOD would be a liar and cease to be like Lehi also endeavored to explain. God claims to be ALL-Powerful and ALL-Knowing. But supposedly there is an opponent who succeeds fairly in deceiving, leading away and destroying God’s offspring? As usual, it is not GOD who is mistaken but just a matter of lack of understanding on the part of us, God’s Children.

GOD the FATHER is the Active, Male Principle. GOD the MOTHER is the Passive, Feminine Principle. Monogamists, who have any fear or anxiety over the “Plural” marriage issue, can relax knowing that there are essentially only TWO PEOPLE in the WHOLE UNIVERSE, Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. They will never be unfaithful nor can they be to each other. So this shows the eternal aspect of fidelity that monogamy seems or claims to demonstrate so flawlessly. Of course if and in as much as fear takes over, then monogamy becomes a set-up for GOD to show unto us our weaknesses and hypocrisy as stated in Ether 12 with the express purpose of eventually strengthening us in those very areas. But truly…it is only ever helpful to speak of thing in terms of TWO in ONE or THREE in ONE etc. Always in One, otherwise confusion and fear sets in. At this point in time we may seem more confused trying to fathom ONENESS but this is only because we “THINK we are wise”.

I said all of “that” to say “this”…. Fear is the root of all sin. And, the IMMEDIATE EFFECT of FEAR is INEQUALITY. We can correctly term inequality, the First Fruits of Fear or the immediate effect of the hallucinatory Forbidden Fruit. As soon as we fear we start to view opposites as diametrically opposed or locked in CONFLICT/ COMPETITION / CONTENTION with one another. We lose sight of the special relationship and complimentary completion between and within opposites which embodies LOVE because essentially, we lose SIGHT of GOD with as little as one bite. The BITTER/SWEET sensation of perceiving something so good tasting disappear even as we enjoy it is SCARY as it is sending us into a spiraling frenzy of SCARCITY mind-set which can be extremely difficult to correct. LOVE becomes LUST. DOVE becomes DUST in that memorable moment when the dove (symbolizing peace, both inner and outer) flies, affrighted from Eve at the approach of Lucifer. The woman is from that time onward focused in fear on the concerns of the flesh only. The inequality or IMBALANCE begins and the man follows suit.

These 3D glasses we wear may be fun for a while but they ultimately distort our view-starting with our view of ourselves. Adam beholding his reflection in the water has already begun to mistake the reflection for the real thing. Is it any wonder then, that we are led by our eyes primarily and whatever the sense that DOMINATES in your personal life, becomes your personal Lucifer. Lucifer, the Narcissist, like ‘El Guapo’ in the 80’s classic ‘The Three Amigos’ inevitably becomes the tyrant of the town. Near the end of that movie, Steve Martin’s character reminds us that we each have our own “personal El Guapo to face”. The “Good Looking” one can only rule and oppress if others are labeled to play the part of “Ugly”. Whichever role you choose at any given moment, you are participating in evil. You are perpetuating INEQUITY / INIQUITY. And it does not matter that you think you are being humble or meek on one end with your put downs and low self esteem. Seeing yourself as wretched facilitates inequality just as much and actually a bit more effectively or quickly than boastfulness. Paying heed to the PRIDE of the WORLD as a select few mock and scorn from the Great and Spacious Building only serves to enforce the foundation and walls of that Den of Inequity. For every Nazi that rises to “power” there are at least a hundred or more Niceys who prostrate themselves to prop the Nazi up. Up and Down, UP and DOWN. There we go again. HIGHER does not necessarily mean BETTER. LOWER does not mean INFERIOR. Our thoughts are not His thoughts and our ways are not His ways.

When a child rebels against his or her earthly parents does this necessarily mean the child is in the wrong? Not at all, in fact in many cases the parents are wrong in their foolish following of the false traditions of their earthly fathers. But in the case of truly loving parents we will still see rebellion. Why? Why will even very young children willfully rebel and what separates BABES from BRATS? Babes are learning whereas brats are resisting truth. Brats are old enough and experienced enough to know or at least sense strongly that THERE IS NO ESSENTIAL DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CREATOR AND THE CREATION. As the TEMPorary illusion of Father Time plays out, a brat begins to act out. And acting it is, for they are keenly aware of their capacity and their limitations at this particular juncture. Yet, they will act as if they are in need of babying in areas where they are not and conversely they will act as if they are matching the parent’s capacity in areas where they are yet unable. WHY DO WE DO THIS? FEAR and its immediate effect – INEQUALITY are the reason. Tantrum throwing brats, Lucifers, rebellious children, feel themselves unequal to GOD and thus miss out on basking in the warmth of GOD’s never-ending stream of Eternal and Unconditional Love. They focus so much on the current conditions that they freeze themselves in their progress, imagining themselves to be frozen due to the bitter cold winds of unfairness blowing from the mouth of an unjust, unfeeling father. They could not be FURTHER from the FATHER or further from the truth --that they are ONE with the FATHER at all times and in all circumstances. 

Oh how simple it is to switch from brat mode to believing mode --from devil child to Christ Child…in an INSTANT. But the simpleness of the way bewilders many of us much of the time. In our stubbornness, hard heartedness and blindness we see a need to RISE ABOVE our brothers and sisters when we should in such moments pull down our prideful egos to remove the overhanging cloud of evil that we have created. This same blindness causes us to see things that aren’t there. Egos our own and those of others slipping from us at any given moment and allowed to linger undetected, all pollute and culminate over our heads like dark clouds. THICK MISTS OF DARKNESS eventually obscure our vision to the point where we think that we must cower to show humility and elevate ourselves to lofty stations in moments where we feel we must somehow teach a fellow classmate a lesson. BUT, WOE UNTO THE TEACHERS OF RELIGION! They are equal to their brethren in all ways, but until they see and acknowledge this truth then remains [in their false reality] “in them the greater sin” AND, WOE UNTO THE BLIND FOLLOWERS OF SUCH BLIND LEADERS. Both end up in the ditch. If you grovel and submit to tyranny you do not believe in EQUALITY any more than the tyrant or Devil himself does. And if you do not believe in EGALITARIAN principles you do not believe in GOD. You will be as the brats who seek to correct when there is no error, who feel the need to fix what is not broken and who cry as if they were helpless babies when they have had placed within them the POWER TO CHANGE. They exercise unrighteous dominion, when all the while they could have so easily observed the Father and Mother’s relationship and perfect stewardship and by following their example in love, had ALL THINGS become subject, flowing unto them forever and ever without compulsory means!

I have heard it said, too many times to count, as of late, that “God creates, Satan imitates.” This is simply not true, at least not in the way we think it is. I challenge all God’s Children within the reach of my words to IMITATE GOD. DO IT NOW and ALWAYS with ALL your might, mind and strength. Satan is us when we find ourselves in group think mode or in any way shape of form, abdicating our god-given agency over to anyone or anything that may serve some other undeserving faction of ourselves as the Lucifer or Man of the moment, the Devil of our day, the god of this world. It can not be stressed enough. EQUALITY IS THE ANSWER, THEY WAY, THE ONLY WAY TO RESTORE AND RETAIN BALANCE. Without it we remain broken and cut off from God’s presence. ABOVE and BELOW are illusions. Let us pray neither as the Pharassites or the Publicans…neither boastfully neither in a self-deprecating manner. But AS CHRIST. We should pray AS JESUS in His name, that The Kingdom come and God’s will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven so as to abolish this IMAGINARY FINE LINE / VEIL OF UNBELIEF between the two. We need to pray to God on equal ground, common ground (Zion) with GOD. We need to GROW UP UNTO THE LORD ALREADY and answer His call to come and “REASON TOGETHER” seeing eye to eye as only EQUALS can and do. This is my Sin-Seer prayer for all of us, in the name of Jesus Christ AMEN.


  1. You responded to me in Sept. Thank you! Been away for awhile because of life (not so good). Anyway, you give much to think about, another perspective. I enjoy reading you posts.

  2. Dang it. was supposed to be "your posts". Didn't catch the typo. Thanks.